While electric vehicles continue to sell fast in the Knoxville and Maryville region, we can't help but notice that American consumers prefer electric cars as their daily drivers since commutes are well within the EV range.

With the increase in remote jobs and sky-high gas prices, it's no wonder why American citizens are opting to stay home more often. That being said, the only time we see drivers leaving their house to drive is to run errands close by – according to a survey posted by Mini USA. In this scenario, it makes driving electric that much easier. Plenty of downtime to charge, a short-range of needed commute, and lack of gas usage are making it exceptionally fruitful for electric vehicles to thrive.

Why Buy Electric in the Farragut Region?

Zero Emissions Means Zero Gas Money

Without needing to stop for gas in our everchanging fuel economy, you help the planet and save hundreds and even thousands of dollars annually that you would have spent at a gas station.

Quick & Convenient Charging

On top of saving gas money with an all-electric vehicle, you can charge your EV conveniently at your own home or at one of the thousands of charging stations across the country.

Less Maintenance & Repairs

Mini of Knoxville . We have a vast array of diverse makes and models not limited to just the Mini brand. We can help you find the right electric vehicle to take home so that you can have a cost-efficient primary vehicle too.

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