The MINI Urbanaut Concept is an experimental idea being explored by MINI as a way of developing innovative transportation approaches for the future. A MINI “Virtual Vision” vehicle has been created to show what the company calls a “new interpretation of mobility.” The physical concept vehicle is like a small minivan and looks something like a lounge on lighted wheels. MINI fans in Maryville and Farragut, TN might find the idea interesting.

A vehicle with change-able atmospheres and functions

One of the ideas MINI is apparently exploring with the Urbanaut Concept is that a car can become something other than a traditional vehicle. Press releases refer to what MINI calls “an innovative vision of space.” Occupants of the vehicle would place a token into one of three slots on a small table. The interior would then get adjusted, changing the interior seating arrangements while also changing the lighting, ambiance and connectivity.

Different angles, different options

MINI seems to be making an effort to have customers look at what appears to be an unusual take on a minivan and consider using this kind of structure someday for non-traditional, non-transportation purposes. This, MINI explains, is done through what the company calls “Curated Moments.” To illustrate, the three “moments” that vehicle occupants can pick from have been labeled “Chill,” “Wanderlust” and “Vibe.”

The Chill Moment

MINI describes the Chill Moment as an opportunity to just relax inside the vehicle. Press releases refer to treating this minivan-like structure as a retreat where it’s hoped that people will choose to work or take it easy. There’s a rear bench seat called the “Cosy Corner” that’s intended to invite a variety of sitting – and even lying – positions. There’s something called a “backlit Loop” that MINI hopes will remind you of a “green forest canopy.”

The Vibe Moment

This variation of the Urbanaut’s choices is focused on spending time with other people. It’s suggested that the side door would be opened, a windscreen would be folded and there would be a blend of the world inside and the world outside. The Urbanaut model will have a round device in the middle that’s described as a “media control center.” Graphic equalizers would project images synced with music on various parts of the vehicle.

The Wanderlust Moment

If you’re wondering what all these “moments” have to do with transportation, that’s an understandable question. Admittedly, there’s no steering wheel or pedals visible inside the vehicle. MINI does, however, have a third option called the Wanderlust Moment, which is the only choice in which the Urbanaut would actually be driven. Touch the MINI logo and a pedal and a steering wheel suddenly appear, along with new imagery.

More unusual elements

The MINI Urbanaut Concept is a vision of unconventional potential mobility ideas for the future. For example, one proposal for the Urbanaut is that the dashboard would be turned into a daybed. The circular lighted display in the center could be transformed into a lamp positioned above the table. Components like the steering wheel and parts of the floor would be constructed of materials like cork with the intention of creating a “natural feel.”

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