When you drive, you share the road with many other people. Naturally, this means you are at risk of an accident no matter how carefully you maneuver your own vehicle. That is why it is important to keep safety in mind as you shop for a vehicle. Fortunately for customers at MINI of Knoxville, we can proudly say that our new 2019 MINI Cooper is prepared to protect you, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety agrees!

Results of IIHS Crash Testing

According to the IIHS which administered several crash tests of the 2019 MINI Cooper, this model is

durable from many angles. It earned the top rating for almost all categories and proved its efficacy in keeping the occupant chamber intact during a collision. It also tested crash prevention technology and found that the new MINI Cooper was advanced in mitigating a frontal crash. These scores are similar to those achieved in previous years. In fact, the 2018 model was even classified as a Top Safety Pick by the administration, and the new model is sure to follow suit as the year progresses.

Upgrade Your New 2019 MINI Cooper

Want an even safer mode of transportation? Then consider choosing a 2019 MINI Cooper incorporated with enhanced safety systems. Select models are available with Forward Collision Warning and Emergency Braking to avoid frontal impact, Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicles ahead, Park Assist for completing difficult parking maneuvers with ease, and more.

To learn what other options you have with a new 2019 MINI Cooper, please get in touch with our experts at MINI of Knoxville. We will be happy to go over specifications for this new model and set up a day for a test drive, too!

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