Wet or Dry Roads: The Versatile MINI All4 All-Wheel Drive System

Many people think that the MINI All4 all-wheel drive is only useful for tough conditions. Although it's very capable in rugged terrain, the All4 all-wheel drive system has something to offer whether you're off-road or on-highway.

Distributing the Challenge

Often misunderstood as being all-wheel drive all the time, the All4 all-wheel-drive system is an AWD on-demand system with some important caveats. Depending on the traction requirements, the All4 system can divert power from the front to rear wheels. All4 starts at a 50/50 split for front-rear power distribution, and adjusts distribution depending on the traction needs. In other words, as the terrain becomes more difficult, the All4 distribution system diverts power to where the situation requires traction. Maybe your front wheels start to spin as you climb a steep dirt road. The All4 system will kick more power to the rear wheels to ensure you stay on target.

Urban Functions: High-Speed Power Distribution

This next function might come as a surprise to many. Above we explained how the All4 system can divert power depending on traction needs. The All4 system can reduce rear wheel power to become entirely front wheel drive, depending on the speed you're at. This is a feature specific to highway driving. As you accelerate, the distribution of power slowly diverts to the front wheels, until at 80 miles per hour, the car switches over entirely to front-wheel drive.

Ready for any Challenge

There it is, the MINI All4 all-wheel drive system explained. Useful in all conditions, from rugged outdoors to asphalt highways. Don't just take our word for it, though! Stop by MINI of Knoxville yourself and test drive a MINI with All4 all-wheel drive today!

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