MINI Cooper Convertible Easy Load

If you're like most convertible drivers you enjoy a nice weekend getaway filled with backroads and top-down driving. Carrying cargo can often be difficult when you own a convertible, although it doesn't have to be. In the MINI Cooper Convertible easy load allows you to quickly load your bags with ease and allows you to enjoy your drive to the destination with a breeze.

To use the easy load feature of the MINI Cooper Convertible you need to have the top up. You open the boot and then grab the easy load handles and move them up, lift the convertible base, and secure the latches back down to expand your loading space. You can also get more room by lifting the parcel shelf, if you want to keep the parcel shelf up while driving you will not be able to open the top completely. Once you have loaded your cargo into the boot simply drop the parcel shelf again and replace the easy load handles to their original position. Close the boot and now you can drop the top for a relaxing open-air drive to your weekend destination.

To learn more about a new MINI Cooper Convertible come by our showroom in Knoxville, TN for a test drive.

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